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Valve spheres are used in large and medium-sized industrial ball valves in the fields of petroleum, natural gas, water treatment, medicine and chemical industry, heating, etc. The valve spheres are compact in structure, light in weight, anti-static and fire-resistant structure. When fully open and fully closed, the sphere and valve seat The sealing surface of the valve is isolated from the medium, so the medium passing through the valve at high speed will not cause erosion of the sealing surface. The valve ball has a wide range of applications, with a diameter ranging from a few millimeters to a few meters, and can be applied from high vacuum to high pressure. It can be found in the petroleum industry, chemical industry, rockets and other departments and industries, and it is suitable for pipelines that transport oil, natural gas, and gas. In a dry and ventilated room, both ends of the valve ball should be covered with dust caps to ensure that the inner cavity is clean. The valve sphere is an important technical performance index of the valve. When the sphere is tilted away from the valve seat, the fluid in the pipeline passes through 360° uniformly along the sealing surface of the sphere, which eliminates the local scouring of the valve seat by the high-speed fluid and also washes away the sealing surface. The accumulation of material to achieve the purpose of self-cleaning. Xinzhan Valve Ball Co., Ltd. focuses on producing all kinds of valve balls by using many different materials. Our valve balls are used in critical applications sometimes. The two most important characteristics of the valve balls are the roundness and the surface finish. The roundness must be controlled especially in the critical sealing area. We are able to manufacture valve balls with extremely high roundness and high surface finish tolerances. What types we can manufacture for valve balls Floating or trunnion mounted valve balls, solid or hollow valve balls, soft seated or metal seated valve balls, valve balls with slots or with splines, and other special valve balls in every configuration or modified balls or specification that you can design. Definition of Main Types of Valve Balls - Floating Type: the ball in floating ball valve will have a slight displacement, that is why we call it floating type. As the ball is floating, so under the pressure of the medium, the floating ball will move and against the downstream seat. - Trunnion Mounted Type: the ball in trunnion mounted ball valve wont move because the trunnion ball valve ball has another stem at the bottom to fixed the position of the ball. The trunnion type valve balls are mainly used in high pressure conditions and large sizes ball valves. - Solid Ball: solid ball is machined from compact casting or forging. Solid ball is normally considered as the best lifetime solution. And solid balls are mainly used in high pressure conditions. - Hollow Ball: Hollow ball is made by coil welded steel plate or seamless stainless steel tubes. The hollow ball reduces the load of the spherical surface and the valve seat because of its lighter weight, which helps to extend the service life of the valve seat. For some very large sizes or constructions, solid ball would not be practical. - Soft Seated: soft seated valve balls are used for soft seated ball valves. The seats are typically composed of thermoplastic components like PTFE. These valves are appropriate for applications in which chemical compatibility is crucial, and in situations where having the tightest seal is important. Soft seats, however, aren’t suitable for processing abrasive or high temperature fluids. - Metal Seated: Metal seated valve balls are suitable for applications with elevated temperatures or highly abrasive conditions. Metal Seat and Ball are fabricated from base metals coated with hard chrome, tungsten carbide and Stellite. Processing Steps 1: Ball Blanks 2: PMI and NDT Test 3: Heat Treatment 4: NDT, Corrosion and Material Properties Test 5: Rough Machining 6: Inspection 7: Finish Machining 8: Inspection 9: Surface Treatment 10: Inspection 11: Grinding & Lapping 12: Final Inspection 13: Packing & Logistics Applications Xinzhan valve balls are used in various ball valves which are used in the fields of petroleum, natural gas, water treatment, medicine and chemical industry, heating, etc. Major Markets: Russia, South Korea, Canada, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, India, Brazil, United States, Israel, etc. Packaging: For small size valve balls: blister box, plastic paper, paper carton, plywood wooden box. For big size valve balls: bubble bag, paper carton, plywood wooden box. Shipment: by sea, by air, by train, etc. Payment: By T/T, L/C. Advantages: - Sample orders or small trail orders can be optional - Advanced facilities - Good production management system - Strong technical Team - Reasonable & cost-effective price prices - Prompt delivery time - Good after-sales service

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